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Those are fighting words, Aldermen

By Marie Rohde

Milwaukee City Hall was abuzz last week over an unseemly shouting match between two aldermen — Tony Zielinski and Joe Davis — at the end of a meeting of the Community and Economic Development Committee.

For the most part, the lengthy meeting was a snooze. Rocky Marcoux (right), the commissioner of the Department of City Development, was talking about jobs and how Milwaukee Public Schools is critically important in getting young people into the trades.

Zielinski asked several questions that Davis said were not appropriate because they had not been noted on the public agenda as required by law.

Davis repeatedly said Zielinski was out of order. Zielinski countered that Davis was out of order. Each man claimed to be in charge of the meeting. Both men were clearly hot under the collar and speaking over each other.

Davis, the chairman of the committee, had stepped out of the meeting briefly and turned the gavel over to Zielinski. Davis assumed that when he returned to the room he was again in charge.

Davis acknowledged to a reporter that Zielinski was correct. Under the rules of the council, Zielinski retained the control of the meeting.

There is no hostility between the two men, said Davis, who noted that he and Zielinski both served on the Milwaukee County Board earlier.

“It was just a misunderstanding,” Davis said.

The spat was recorded for posterity for telecast by the city cable access. The almost two-minute excerpt can be viewed HERE (time stamp on bottom-left of video: 108:43 to 110:27).

Marie Rohde is a staff writer at The Daily Reporter. She always enjoys a good Aldermen spat.

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