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Walker uses Obama visit to criticize high-speed rail

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker is using President Barack Obama’s visit to Madison to once again criticize a high-speed rail project in Wisconsin.

The state was awarded $810 million in federal stimulus money to build the rail line linking Madison and Milwaukee. Walker calls it a waste of money and said if elected he will stop it, even though U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said that can’t be done.


Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett supports the train, in part, because it’s expected to create 5,500 construction jobs over the next three years. Barrett plans to attend Obama’s rally Tuesday afternoon on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

Walker said the president’s visit shows that Barrett’s campaign is struggling and in need of help.

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  1. Walker is an idiot… and I’m a conservative.

    Cancel the train and the $800 million goes to a rail project in some other state… not back in our pockets. We pay for it regardless. The $10 million or so a year to operate it is chump change in the grand scheme of the transportation budget and even the most conservative estimates show the improved rail will create more tax revenue per year than it costs to operate. I know… I’ve met with companies looking to relocate to Wisconsin in part because of the rail. The fact Walker seems to lack the mental capcity to understand this basic concept is disturbing… especially considering he is probably our next governor. he has most of the Tea Party plebs wound up thinking it is nothing more than a fancy taxi service to the big city… when the commercial/freight improvements are more important and rarely discussed.

    When did my party become so idiotic?

  2. Honest Abe?? You’re a conservative?
    With all due respect sir…You’re not a conservative.

  3. Why? Because I don’t think what conservative talk radio hosts and conservative candidates tell me to think? I can assure you I am conservative… I feel government is too large and gets their fingers into too much. But infrastructure is one area they are needed, as there is no way private enterprise can feasibly handle it, whether it be roads, rail, or airports.

    The rail is going to bring development, jobs (long and short term), and increased tax revenue and a realtively low cost. Hopefully this will convince the Dems that I and my fellow “rich” 1-percenters do not deserve a tax hike…. but probably not.

    Either way, having that rail money spent here instead of IL or CA is a NO-BRAINER…. So what does that tell you about the male bimbo the Republicans have running for Governor? Oops! For the record, I don’t think Barrett is the answer either.

  4. You go Abe!

    You are the first conservative I have seen in a while that seems to understand that just like a well-planned highway, rail infrastructure can help create new opportunities for entrepreneurs to create jobs.
    isit shows th

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