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Greenfield is putting ‘The U’ in ‘community’

By Jan Basina

Remodeling & Addition to Greenfield Community Center, 7215 W. Cold Spring Road, Greenfield, Milwaukee County

For too many years now, residents of the city of Greenfield have been flitting about from school to school and from community room to community room to participate in the many social activities and enrichment programs offered by the city.

But that world is about to turn.

The building that formerly housed the old Greenfield library will be given a new lease on life as the Greenfield Community Center, also known as “The U.” The center will not only serve as the hub for the many enrichment and health and fitness programs the city offers, but will become the nerve center serving as a central meeting place for residents of all ages.

Bidding is now under way to reinvent the old library space into the Greenfield Community Center, 7215 W. Cold Spring Road. The project would include remodeling approximately 10,000 square feet in the old building and constructing a 900-square-foot addition.

Right now, the Greenfield Parks and Recreation Department estimates that about 25,000 residents take advantage of programs offered by the city. When completed, the community center will include a large banquet area, kitchen, rooms for socializing and enrichment programs, and a studio for fitness and preschool programs.

The community center will be entirely operated through donations and community support. Money for the project is on-going.

The next planned fundraising event, a Zumba-thon, will be from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 16, at Greenfield High School, 4800 S. 60th St. The event, which incorporates Latin and international rhythms, is billed as a dynamic exercise program.

Anticipation will soon turn into realization. The city of Greenfield will have a community base, grounded in a permanent building, which will not only solidify civic involvement, but become a source of civic pride and investment in the future for many Greenfield residents.

Jan Basina is a data reporter at The Daily Reporter. She can be reached at (414) 225-1817.

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