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Enbridge Energy settles claims from its Superior operation

Enbridge Energy has agreed to pay $1 million to settle state claims under Wisconsin’s air pollution laws, according to a news release from Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen’s office.

The judgment resolves charges that Enbridge Energy failed to comply with certain requirements under those laws at its crude oil pipeline breakout storage terminal in Superior.

Enbridge Energy’s facility in Superior is a source of air contaminants under Wisconsin law, meaning it transports crude oil, diluents, condensates, and natural gas liquids, and stores crude oil and condensates.

Under Wisconsin law, Enbridge Energy was required to obtain and follow permits for its operation and maintenance of the facility. According to the complaint, at various times since 2001, Enbridge violated state air requirements by operating the facility without the proper air pollution control operation permit, started construction without a permit, failed to repair seals on storage tanks and to report the repairs, failed to maintain noncompliant stack dimensions, and failed to maintain up-to-date design drawings and tank documentation, as well as underpayment of air emission fees.

Enbridge has since worked with the Department of Natural Resources to resolve the violations, according to the release.

Leaks in Enbridge pipelines in Michigan and outside Chicago this summer resulted in spills.

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