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Letter to the editor: Army corps should avoid social services

Editor’s Note: Read the story The Daily Reporter first reported on HERE

To the editor:

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for investigating, developing and maintaining the nation’s water and related environmental resources. They are not a social services agency and have no business acting as one. They are to be civil engineers for goodness sakes.

Recently, bids were taken for a causeway project in Green Bay with a USACE budget of $2.5 million. Two bids were received from reputable, bonded contractors for $684,000 and $761,000.

Both bids were rejected by USACE. The reason: Neither contractor was in an SBA HUBZone. The SBA HUBZone’s mission is to promote job growth, capital investment and economic development to historically underutilized business zones, referred to as HUBZones.

So, USACE goes to Milwaukee, finds a contractor in an SBA HUBZone and negotiates a contract for $2,423,336 for the same work.

Can you imagine anything more idiotic? USACE doesn’t even know how to price their own work, or do they?

We are talking public trust fund monies from our taxes. This is how bad it has gotten in our federal government.

November elections are coming. If the elections do not turn the tide, we will have to again pick up our muskets and pitchforks and take our country back. Don’t you prefer the former?

Larry Michael
surety bond producer,
The Brehmer Agency

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