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Commission looking for better way to measure sewer flow

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage Commission has proposed spending $4 million on devices that they say will more accurately measure the flow from the 28 communities the district serves.

Michael Martin, the district’s director of technical services, said the existing meters measure the depth of the content of the sewers but not how fast it is flowing. The new meters will be a better indication of how much rain is getting into the sewers during storms.

District officials are asking the commission to approve 120 meters from Teledyne ISCO for $3 million and 40 from the Hatch Co. for $1 million, said Martin.

Most of the meters would be installed over the next two years under a separate contract. The Operations Committee of the commission that oversees the district approved the measure on Monday, but it must be approved by the full commission next week.

— Marie Rohde

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