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Waukesha eliminates routes for proposed bypass

(Map by Rick Benedict/The Daily Reporter)

(Map by Rick Benedict/The Daily Reporter)

The Waukesha County Department of Public Works has eliminated multiple routes proposed for the West Waukesha Bypass, a 4.5-mile, $51-million project that would link Interstate 94 to Highway 59 along County Highway TT.

Based on recommendations from public information meetings and an advisory committee, which includes members of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and Waukesha officials, the DPW has eliminated four routes.

The proposed bypass will no longer include any routes connecting I-94 to the County SS interchange, while Grandview and Moreland boulevards will no longer be considered. In addition, there will be no expansions through the Kame Terrace subdivision and alternatives using Townline Road and the west side of Merrill Hills Country Club have also been eliminated.

The advisory group eliminated these routes based on public input received at July and August informational meetings and a committee hearing in September. Concerns from residents and local officials were raised regarding what negative effect the proposed routes would have on traffic, noise and the natural environment.

Waukesha will continue evaluating improvements to Highway TT and what environmental impact a four-lane highway between I-94 and Summit Avenue would have. They will also consider whether it is feasible to keep the existing highways intact.

— Joe Lanane

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