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Conserving from inside out

With all of the focus on Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design construction at other properties, it may be easy to overlook energy conservation at one’s own business.

But what better way to convince potential clients which sustainable technologies work best than by demonstrating them at one’s own office? Focus on Energy LLC’s Web information center now includes a helpful section, with free tips, plans and guidelines for creating company “energy teams” that can lead sustainable efforts internally.

Energy teams may sound a little cheesy, but consider the fact that the Luther Midelfort Foundation Inc., Eau Claire, reportedly will save an estimated $1.1 million on its energy bills each year following the successful implementation of a FOE energy team.

The savings may come at a cost, however. The Web guide advises that companies may need to make some capital investments to bring about major change in energy conservation, but it suggests ways to offset those costs. And FOE’s guides suggest plenty of ways to start conserving energy without spending money, such as conducting energy audits using in-house staff members to see what areas of the company or equipment may be wasting resources.

Plenty of construction companies are talking the talk when it comes to green construction and building practices, but how many are taking care of business back at their own offices? FOE’s online guide offers free resources to start making changes from the inside out.

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