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Letter to the editor: Use transportation money where it is most needed

To the editor:

The voters elected a governor who promised to stop the passenger rail project between Milwaukee and Madison.

Ergo, the voters (federal and state taxpayers) do not want the project.

Pre- or postelection, have you asked yourself one fundamental question: Is passenger rail necessary?

Do we have any problems efficiently moving people, commerce, or industry between Milwaukee and Madison?

If not necessary, why are there proponents pushing for passenger rail? What are the possible motives?

Are the motives perhaps control (controlling the means and methods of transportation and controlling how you will travel), expanding government (moving government deeper into your life), manipulation (manipulating transportation through government rather than free choice), ideology (mass transit is “good,” private passenger vehicles are “bad” and the government knows best)?

The taxpayers, commerce, and industry want safe and efficient roads and bridges. Is roadwork necessary?

You bet.

We have unsafe, underdesigned and overloaded roadways and bridges.

The obvious immediate needs beyond design life include the Zoo Interchange ($2 billion), the Hoan Bridge ($250 million) and Interstate 39/90 from Madison to the Illinois state line ($715 million).

Put our transportation trust fund tax money where it is needed most, not where bureaucrats think it is best.

Larry Michael
bond producer,
The Brehmer Agency Inc., Butler


  1. The passenger rail project has nothing to do with whether WisDOT can do the zoo interchange, the Green Bay 41 project, the Neenah-26 Hwy. 41 project, the Milw. to Ill I-94 project, the I-90 Madison to Milwaukee project or any of the hundreds of other state and local road projects.

    All you’re doing Mr. Michae is blowing your own horn for highway projects. The passenger train is funded 98% by federal funds and you can’t have any of it for highway projects. So, just get off that horse! Not only that, taking the money away from passenger rail is taking money and improvement away from freight railroad shippers on the Watertown line. One rail car hauls 3 1/2 trucks worth. Keep a truck off the highway and make the roads last longer and you won’t have to be complaining that 1.5 billion isn’t enough for Wisconsin highways.

    Peter Bradley
    WisDOT Employee

  2. Great Editorial Mr Michael. You are right on. I agree on all your points. We are a society of drivers on riders. A high speed train that would get you between cities slower than driving a car is legislator foolishness. It would benefit only a few. Hi speed (low speed) trains are are as foolish as wind energy and ethanol.

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