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Brookfield man charged with hazardous waste storage

Michael Vilione has been charged with four counts of storing hazardous waste without a license and with falsifying records, according to the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

According to the complaint, the Department of Natural Resources investigated after receiving a complaint that hazardous materials were being stored at EOG Environmental Inc., 8111 W. Bradley Road, Milwaukee.

According to the criminal complaint, the EOG plant manager, Rick Suave, told Vilione that the storage of the waste — which, according to the DOJ, was a mixture of acids and some heavy metals — was a violation of the law and that it was putting employees and the community at risk.

Suave, according to the complaint, said EOG was having trouble paying its bills and that an Illinois disposal service had refused to accept waste because delinquent bills had not been paid.

The counts of storing materials without a license were discovered during separate inspections between June and August 2008. Each count carries potential fines of up to $100,000 and up to six years in prison. The record altering charge was for the same period and could result in a fine of up to $25,000 and up to a year in the county jail, according to the Department of Justice.

Vilione, who lives in Brookfield, could not immediately be reached. The telephone listed for his residence has been disconnected.

— Marie Rohde

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