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Companies about to get chance to fix O’Donnell, but will they bite?

By Joe Lanane

Request for Proposals for Professional Consulting Services to Assure Contract Compliance and Provide Quality Assurance for the O’Donnell Park Parking Structure Improvements, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County

Request for Proposals for Professional Consulting Services to Complete Planning and Design for Repairs to the O’Donnell Park Parking Structure, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County

Engineers and architects have their turns now, but soon it will be construction companies that will bid on O’Donnell Park parking garage repairs.

Milwaukee County is accepting proposals for design work until Wednesday, and Jack Takerian, Milwaukee County’s director of the department of transportation and public works, said there will be more project bids released in the coming month or two.

The $6.6 million project requires removing the facade from the structure’s exterior, stain the exposed wall and other necessary repairs unrelated the June 24 incident in which 15-year-old Jared Kellner was killed and two others injured from a 13-ton collapsed panel.

The work would keep contractors busy during the industry’s slow period, according to Takerian, who said much of the interior work would go on during the winter months. In addition, he said demolition would begin with the facade panels.

The anticipated completion date is in July, although Takerian admits the deadline hinges on cooperative weather.

Mike Fabishak, CEO of the Associated General Contractors of Greater Milwaukee, said the aggressive deadline and highly publicized project won’t deter builders.

“I think people are quite frankly just going around trying to find work,” Fabishak said. “One could argue that could be a boon for somebody in that they could come in and solve this issue.”

Fabishak said he has not heard any members reluctant to take work at O’Donnell Park despite the scrutiny faced by past contractors.

Any hesitation will become evident, he said, by how many bids the county receives.

Joe Lanane is a staff writer at The Daily Reporter and covers Milwaukee County.

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