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Metrodome roof nearly clear of snow and ice

Workers remove snow from the field inside the Metrodome on Tuesday in Minneapolis. Engineering crews are inspecting damage done to the Metrodome when its roof collapsed over the weekend. (AP Photo/The Star Tribune, David Joles)

Associated Press

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Workers are finally close to clearing the Metrodome roof of snow and ice so that more substantial repair work can get under way.

The executive director of the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission said that crews hope to have the roof clear of remaining snow and ice by the end of the day on Wednesday. He said it’s still not clear how long total repairs will take, whether it will involve replacing damaged panels or replacing the roof entirely, and how much it will all cost.

Three panels were damaged in a blizzard earlier this month and a fourth ripped a few days later. On Monday, engineers used a shotgun to blow out a fifth panel that was under stress from a load of ice and officials said a few additional panels may be candidates for replacement.

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