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Whoever is running Milwaukee County government, issues remain the same

By Joe Lanane

It was appropriate acting County Executive Lee Holloway released his list of transition team members Wednesday.

After all, Milwaukee County is in transition following Monday’s resignation of County Executive Scott Walker. The governor-elect takes office Monday in Madison, starting a new chapter of Milwaukee County government.

Perhaps nobody anticipated how quickly Holloway would initiate such change, with the longtime County Board chairman staking out an ambitious plan Tuesday, his first full day in executive office.

Then, the very next day, he announced plans to run in April’s special election — calling into question who, if anyone, Holloway will select as interim county executive when his 30-day term expires next month.

Holloway’s 32-member transition team is supposed to “help set the stage for the next 100 days and beyond,” according to a release attributed to Holloway, further insinuating he plans on holding the leadership position the next few months.

Regardless who leads county government, the issues remain the same. The county’s transit system, mental health services and employee pension plan are subjects drawing the most debate at the county level and Holloway will have to deal with that during his time as acting county executive.

While these issues do not directly affect the construction industry, they could cut into how much money the county dedicates to construction and maintenance projects.

Holloway’s proposal to sell off the county’s trunk highways to municipalities hits closer to home for certain contractors, making his time in office — no matter how long — all the more interesting.

Joe Lanane is a staff writer at The Daily Reporter. He asked for a transition team upon his move to Milwaukee from Indianapolis … he didn’t get one.

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  1. No, your article misses the point!
    Whoever the Milwaukee County Executive turns out to be faces the same problem:
    THE SOCIALIST, LIBERAL, RACIST COUNTY BOARD THAT CAN’T SEEM TO BREAK OUT OF the DINASAUR POLITICS OF THE 50’S AND 60’S AND WON’T DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE, BUT INSTEAD DOES WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THEIR BIG GOVERNMENT FRIENDS and cronies. Until the un-informed voter of Milwaukee County stops voting for people based on the color of their skin, will the County turn around and prosper.

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