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Train, Democrats reverse course on Walker rail sticker (UPDATE)

Two different versions of the Democratic Party’s bumper sticker are shown, the original (top) from Dec. 24 and the current one from the Democratic Party’s website.

By Marie Rohde

The Wisconsin Democratic Party’s controversial sticker showing the engine of a high-speed rail train hitting the head of Gov.-elect Scott Walker has apparently changed directions.

The sticker displayed on the party’s website now shows the train going in the other direction.

Graeme Zielinski, the spokesman for the party, said he was unaware of any change. He said the sticker he saw had the engine going toward Walker’s head, not away. He said he would have to check with the party’s graphic designer and new media coordinator.

“I’ll have to check on that,” said Zielinski, who was sitting in the Minneapolis airport Thursday afternoon waiting for a flight to Milwaukee.

Rep. Robin Vos, a Racine Republican, said the red marks imply blood. He said the sticker is indecent and Democrats should stop offering it.

Democrats are still outraged Walker, a Republican, refused federal money for high-speed rail between Madison and Milwaukee.

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  1. Walker’s term will be remembered for this, the dumbest move in American politic’s ever. GOP are desperate for it to go away but its going to follow him around like a bad smell.

  2. Thank you Mr. Walker. It’s about time someone stood up for the rest of the state outside Milwaukee-Madison! This train was going to cost the state a TON of money EVERY year. To those who site “estimates” citing it would only cost a couple million per year…when was the last time a government estimate was accurate on the low side? I’ll answer that, never. And please, quit calling it high speed rail. High speed rail around the world runs at 160-200+ miles per hour…this wouldn’t even get to 100. Actually, the average speed would be 60 MPH…coincidentally SLOWER than you could actually DRIVE from Milwaukee to Madison and back. What a joke to call it high speed. Sorry liberals, the PEOPLE didn’t want it and Walker LISTENED. Maybe if you would have listened to the PEOPLE of the state you wouldn’t all be out on your butts after November’s drubbing. I know you don’t care what the people think though because liberals think people are stupid and that liberals know what’s best for everyone.

  3. Robin Vos’ (R-Hexavalent Chromium) complaints about the walker bumper sticker is goofy since zombies don’t have blood……. They should have drawn the train going through his empty head.

  4. “I know you don’t care what the people think though because liberals think people are stupid and that liberals know what’s best for everyone.”

    They think that because they read posts like yours.

  5. Impeachment-elect Scott Walker is now finding himself in the worst position any career politician can ever be. Concrete Scott is now and forevermore going to be on the defensive. And there’s already a lot he has to defend.

  6. BEHOLD the power of Scott Walker! He can put the brakes on the state having to pay for the pork train for the next 20 years — And he’s not even in office yet!

  7. Yep, wasn’t even in office and he’s already sinking the Wisconsin ship. We the citizens of Eau Claire could’ve used this train. After going between Madison and Milwaukee, it would’ve extended north and eventually given EC some passenger rail service for the first time since the 1960s.

    But nobody cares about the state outside of Milwaukee and Madison, right? I mean after all, that area was the ONLY location where the anti-train ads were aired. Everyone else likely wasn’t aware he was against the train and thus voted for him anyway.

    The people may have actually WANTED the train after all

  8. Hurray for Scott Walker for trying to straighten out what Doyle screwed up. We are a driving society not train riders. It would benefit so few. It would be run by the government and what works that the government controls? The operating costs would be astronomical and filled with corruption. This will save us all many tax dollars. Great job governor:)

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