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Locked Capitol angers Sen. Erpenbach

Sen. Jon Erpenbach

Wisconsin might be open for business, but the state Capitol on early Monday afternoon was closed to the public.

Only people who reserved tickets for Gov. Scott Walker’s inauguration ceremony were granted access into the usually wide-open building. The high-security event angered state Sen. Jon Erpenbach, D-Waunakee, whose office issued a statement blasting the proceedings because, “public visitors, guests of incoming Legislators and building staff were greeted with locked doors when they attempted to enter the Wisconsin state Capitol.”

In comments attributed to Erpenbach, the senator said:

Locking the doors to the most public building in Wisconsin sure makes an impression, just not the kind we are looking for. In fact, I cannot ever recall the Capitol being locked. If Wisconsin is in fact open for business, I would hope Governor Walker would first open the doors to the public.

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