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UW-Madison student uses Facebook to mobilize protesters

With a sign in hand, Ian Olson protests outside the Capitol prior to Scott Walker’s inauguration ceremony Monday in Madison.

Ian Olson didn’t vote for Gov. Scott Walker in November. He also wasn’t particularly passionate about the gubernatorial race between Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Then Walker won, his agenda began to unfold, and Olson said he decided it was time to organize efforts to rebuke Wisconsin’s 45th governor.

“I read through Scott Walker’s to-do list, and I was appalled,” Olson said Monday outside the Capitol prior to Walker’s inauguration ceremony. “I completely disagreed with everything he said he was going to do.”

Angered by Walker’s stands on high-speed rail, stem cell research and contracts for state workers, Olson created a Facebook page encouraging people to protest outside the Capitol.

More than 600 people agreed to come.

“I am extremely opposed to his decision to turn down a huge amount ($810 million) of federal stimulus money from the rail project and other infrastructure and improvement projects in the state of Wisconsin,” Olson said. “Virtually everything I’ve heard him say is disappointing.”

Five buses full of protesters also came from Milwaukee, led by churches and nonprofit organizations. It’s hard to tell who was responsible for bringing out the most people, but Olson’s Facebook page certainly played a role in the gathering.

While Olson knows the time passed several months ago to insert a different governor, he said he hopes the rally will weigh on Walker’s mind as he begins his first term.

“I’m just hoping to get people together to voice their opinions on how we disagree with what Scott Walker says he’s going to do,” Olson said.


  1. Typical student. Doesn’t understand basic economics. It’s very disappointing that even kids from a prestigous school as UW-Madison don’t understand basic economics. Scott ran on ending the slow train, people’s voices were heard. I hope this doesn’t get as dirty as Chris Christie’s term in New Jersey, but I have a feeling the state employees aren’t going to like the necessary cuts coming our way.

  2. Dear Robert,
    Please enlighten us with your “understanding” of basic economics. I would love to hear your argument, as I have yet to hear an intelligent defense of Walker’s actions.

    An alum of the prestigious UW-Madison

  3. Here we are more than nine months later… Yes, Robert, this did “get as dirty as Chris Christie’s term.” I hope it gets dirtier when intelligent people try to get rid of this horrible leader.

    From yet another alum of the prestigious UW-Madison

  4. Wow! More crybabies. Listen, obama said it, “Elections have consequences.” Now, if you don’t like the governor, run a campaign to vote him out in 2014 not in the middle of his term. You’re going to use a recall and cost the state a lot of money. Money we don’t have! Another point, what if the new governor is worse? You going to start another recall in one year?
    Again quit whining like crybabies. Vote him out in 2014.

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