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Monday’s Trending Topics: Calm before the special session

Sen. Glenn Grothman

Are you off today in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.? Sen. Glenn Grothman doesn’t think you should be.

Grothman, in comments made to the Wisconsin Radio Network, and blogged about at, said it’s a farce that state workers take the day off, because it’s highly unlikely they’re out honoring King’s legacy.

“I’d be shocked if you can find anybody doing service,” Grothman said.

Give Grothman, a sometimes grumpy member of the Legislature, credit for one thing: saying what a lot of people (particularly non-state workers) are thinking.

But give Grothman an F for choosing one’s battles wisely. There isn’t much to gain, politically, from picking on state employees for enjoying a holiday they didn’t ask for.

Following the holiday, the state Senate is set to reconvene for debate related to Gov. Scott Walker’s jobs legislation.

Meanwhile, criticism continues to mount from The Wisconsin State JournalWisconsin League of Conservation Voters and The Tomah Journal over part of his legislation that would make it more difficult to build wind turbines for clean energy.

Think Walker’s policies have been too conservative so far? The New York Times reports today that Walker’s approach to governance has mirrored new governors across the U.S. – both Republican and Democrat.

Finally, speaking of Walker, the governor posted a message on Twitter asking for tips on what he should wager Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn over the upcoming Bears-Packers playoff game. After Walker’s gleeful attempt to grab businesses from Illinois, wouldn’t it be appropriate for the governors to put a couple of their top-employing businesses on the line?

Enjoy your holiday – it would be your last if Sen. Grothman had anything to say about it.

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