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Court won’t stop class-action suit against Pella

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court won’t stop the class-action certification of a lawsuit against Pella Corp. over a purported defect in one of its windows.

The high court on Tuesday refused to hear an appeal from the window-maker.

The lower courts have certified a class-action lawsuit against Pella. The lawsuit alleges that Pella’s aluminum clad wood “Proline” casement windows have a design defect that allows water to seep behind the aluminum cladding.

They claim that allows the wood to rot at an accelerated rate, and that Pella committed consumer fraud by not declaring publicly the role that the purported design flaw had in the rot.

But Pella fought the class-action certification, saying consumer fraud claims are inappropriate for class treatment.

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  1. I have spent hours and hours doing research on Termites…I have had here 4 Termite specialists….my house is being eaten away at a vertigious speed by the termites…I have removed walls and ceilings and it was only today when the inspector I hired to check my house explained to me the situation.

    I have Pella Windows!

    Moisture is sipping through every window in my house…wood beams are gone…the termites are sprouting like something from a si-fi movie…I just can’t take it anymore. The inspector said that perhaps I need a new roof or part of it and hopes that a tornado is not coming this way or I would be in serious trouble. I am about to have a satellite photo of my roof to see the extent of the damage.

    I must join this class action suit but in the meantime, spend in excess of $20.000 for repairs to my house…and we haven’t even checked the third floor and this estimate doesn not include the termite control.

    I am living a nightmare…here in New Orleans!

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