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An etiquette refresher for Sen. Glenn Grothman

Perhaps the Wisconsin Legislature’s special session is akin to a preseason for professional athletes – during which mulligans are freely offered for instances of boneheadedness.

Sen. Glenn Grothman

Speaking Tuesday on the Senate floor about health savings accounts, Sen. Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend, repeatedly referred to his colleagues by saying “gentleman from the (fill-in-the-district number).”


Etiquette in the Senate calls for senators to refer to one another as “senator.” Use of the term “gentleman” is proper etiquette for the state Assembly – and Grothman’s colleagues let him know.

Each time Grothman referred to a “gentleman” of the Senate, several other senators would shout, “Senator!” Grothman would correct himself.

This happened about six times during one speech Thursday, before Grothman finally laughed and said, “I spent a lot of years in the Assembly.”

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