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SnO-M-G: State weathers snowmageddon

A view down Michigan Street in downtown Milwaukee on snomaggedon morn. (Staff photos by Joe Yovino)

By Joe Yovino

As one of apparently only eight people working Wednesday in Milwaukee, the trip into work on the morning of snowmageddon (or the Ground Hog Day blizzard or snowpocalypse, or SnO-M-G or any other cool name a TV producer with too much time on his/her hands comes up with) was eerie.

A guy skis to work Wednesday morning along Water Street in downtown Milwaukee.

For full disclosure, I stayed at a downtown Milwaukee hotel Tuesday night in preparation for the snow. The five-block walk down the middle of Michigan Street at 8 a.m. was beyond anything Steven Spielberg could have put on the big screen. I passed one plow … and one guy skiing to work. The rest of the usually busy downtown was quiet, except for the hum of snowblowers in the distance.

So this is snowtopia.

There’s something strange about walking down the middle of what should be a busy street and not seeing anybody or anything, except piles of white.

The fact that seven other snowarriors showed up here for work is a testament to the snowplow crews, some of whom took their trucks home Tuesday and worked around the clock to clear snozilla (or is it Snotorious B.I.G.).

Joe Yovino is the Web editor at The Daily Reporter. He’s selling “I survived Wisconsin’s snowmageddon 2011” T-shirts.

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