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Parts of I-94 reopen, still considered impassable

Two city of Waukesha plows work to clear Anoka and Genesee avenues Wednesday. More than a foot of snow fell across southeastern Wisconsin during the overnight hours. (Staff photo by Kevin Harnack)

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Utility crews in southern Wisconsin are battling stiff winds and swirling snow to restore power to customers who lost service in the blizzard.

We Energies spokesman Barry McNulty said about 5,200 customers in the Racine and Kenosha areas lost service in the storm. He said crews worked through the night and restored service to hundreds of customers.

He said the weather was so bad that in some cases, crews had to call for help when their utility trucks got stuck in the snow.

With winds gusts of 50 mph, being aloft in a utility bucket truck could be a dangerous place. McNulty said crews are well-trained to take the necessary precautions.

• In Racine County, where 21.5 inches of snow was reported, parts of Interstate 94 were declared impassable Wednesday morning. Parts of I-94 were reopened early Wednesday afternoon but, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, motorists should still stay off the interstate until the road can be cleared and winds subside.

On Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, at least a dozen motorists were reported stranded on I-94, Highway 45 and other major north-south routes.

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  1. I’d like to thank all those in the communications industry who forewent proper rest to keep us informed throughout the emergency, and the utility workers who braved the foul weather so that our vital energy kept on uninterrupted.

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