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Oconomowoc students have Cambodia on the mind

By Keith Barber

Students at Oconomowoc High School are working together to raise $15,000 for a school in Cambodia.

The money will be used to construct a small solar-powered elementary school in a yet-to-be-named rural village. The money will be donated to the nonprofit American Assistance for Cambodia.

Founded in 1999, the Rural School Project has completed more than 300 primary and lower secondary schools with matching money from Asian Development Bank and the World Bank to promote education in Cambodia.

Efforts in Oconomowoc to raise the money by the end of the school year are under way, with about $2,000 raised so far.

A program in which a corporation can have its name printed on a Cambodia Challenge T-shirt has begun. For a $500 donation, your organization’s logo can appear on the shirts, $100 for your name only, and $50 to have your firm listed in the official sponsor flier. Other fundraising efforts throughout the year include a dodge ball tournament at the high school, a district-wide student/teacher talent show, a bowl-a-thon at AMF Lanes in Waukesha, a school-wide paper-rock-scissors tournament, prom-wear rental program, and a student showcase which will accept voluntary donations from students.

The Rural School Project hopes to assist children in the country’s move towards industrialization, and promises a better and rewarding life through education. To learn more about the project, search

Keith Barber is a data reporter at The Daily Reporter. He can be reached at (414) 225-1821.

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