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Fourth day of Wis. protests see largest crowds yet

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Madison police estimate 40,000 people have taken to the streets and hallways in and around the Wisconsin Capitol on the fourth day of labor protests.

Spokesman Joel Despain said 35,000 people were at rallies and protests outside the Capitol on Friday, while 5,000 people made their way inside.

Labor supporters are protesting a proposal by Gov. Scott Walker that would strip most public employees of most collective bargaining rights.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson and former Wisconsin Democratic U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold were among those at Friday’s protests.

State Department of Administration officials said there were no arrests during Friday’s protests. Police arrested nine people during Thursday’s protests.

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  1. Freedom must be fought for every day. This fight is just and one that we must all take up as our way of life is attacked by the forces of greed and those who want to enslave labor. This fight is playing out all across America. Where I work the school district want to replace the tradesmen with scabs who work for less and do not have the skills to do the work putting school children in harms way so the management can support their high pay. Victory can only be seen when we all have the freedom of organizing and bargaining for our way of life.
    On To Organize!
    Stanley Hoffman
    IBPAT 33 Year Member

  2. Well it all needs to be looked at and we got someone that is doing just that, this is old stuff and it has no place in the work force today, i was in a union at the age of 18 what did it get me 15 years lost of my life because we listened to the union lies, so we need jobs we dont need unions,,, Scott Walker it looks like he does what he said he would do and you all voted for him , he told you this is what he would do and he won? so let him do what you all voted him in to do.

  3. Freedom? Are state workers free to choose to be in a union, or not? Are they free to NOT contribute to oranization that takes milliions of dollars a year out of paychecks and funnels it to candidates that members may, or may not support? Sounds like the same kind of “freedom” a pimp supplies.

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