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Walker says he won’t accept compromise

The statue Forward, on the steps of the state Capitol in Madison wears a blindfold with an American flag Saturday. (AP Photo/ Wisconsin State Journal, Michael P. King)

Associated Press

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he won’t accept a compromise floated by a Republican state senator to make the removal of collective bargaining rights for public workers temporary.

Walker said Monday on MSNBC that he won’t agree to the compromise and he doesn’t believe it will pass the state Senate. Walker said every Republican other than Sen. Dale Schultz, who is proposing it, will vote for Walker’s original plan.

Walker wants public workers to pay more for benefits at the same time he takes away their rights to bargain over anything except salary increases higher than the Consumer Price Index.

Walker calls Schultz’s proposal a short-term fix to a long-term problem.

Senate Democrats skipped town Thursday and say they won’t return unless Walker is willing to make concessions.

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