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Local officials organize against governor’s budget bill

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Local government officials from across Wisconsin are publicly registering their opposition to Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to cut most collective bargaining for nearly all state employees.

More than 200 mayors, school board presidents and other local officials held a news conference at the Capitol Wednesday to voice their objections to Walker’s budget repair bill. The group, representing at least 20 cities, 41 towns and 22 counties, has sent a letter to the governor asking him to restore collective bargaining to his bill. The officials say the proposal harms their ability to find common ground with municipal and county employees when crafting budgets.

Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz said they won’t compromise on their request. Other local leaders, including Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt, have supported Walker’s bill.

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  1. Is there a list of these officials that signed this letter? Just wondering if we counted all the mayors, school board members, and officials from all the towns, cities, and counties statewide, 200 people would seem like a very small amount.

  2. There will be more opposition. Other cities are still announcing their opposition to Walker’s proposal. He may end up being the most opposed guy in the state.

    You’d think even a guy particularly know for intellect would see the hand writing on the wall by now and back down. The Koch brother must REALLY be offering him something good, to make him so willing to earn the hatred of the nation like this.

    Indiana has already backed down on the attempt to bust the unions there, and they’ve only been under siege for a couple of days!

  3. I am sure the Daily Reporter would not just fabricate the story without checking the sources. I cant seem to find any other links or reports in regards to this issue, could the Reporter please share with the public the names of these officials and the municipalities they represent.

  4. Does anyone know how many people of Wisconsin they collectively represent?

  5. Sure, now that Scott Walker is in office, now we hear about the Koch brothers, Wisconsin’s shadow government.

    Why was the media quiet about the Kochs when Scott Walker was campaigning?

  6. Stock tip of the day. Alcoa – Strong Buy. Amid the proliferation of government conspiracy theories, the market for foil hats in Wisconsin is skyrocketing.

    Saying the Koch brothers are a shadow government for Walker is a joke. How about the unions during Doyle’s time?

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