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Furloughed Wisconsin Democrats say bridges will be mended

As Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald insists Democratic lawmakers who fled the state are in danger of burning bridges, some of those furloughed Democrats think the extreme move could actually mend bridges.

Sen. Chris Larson, D-Milwaukee, speaking via phone from Illinois, said he thinks, “this could give us an opportunity to work better with our Republican colleagues, given that some of them are more moderate, and are looking to step away from this extreme legislation.”

Larson also suggested that Gov. Scott Walker’s confidence expressed during his prank phone call with a blogger could turn off some Republicans who are uneasy about voting for his budget repair bill.

Sen. Dale Schultz, R-Richland Center, for example, continues to push for an amendment to Walker’s bill that eventually would bring back collective bargaining rights. Walker has said that isn’t a solution he would consider.

The prank phone call, Larson said, “will open the door for them to step away and let cooler heads prevail.”

While the relationship between Fitzgerald and Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller has grown testy since Democrats left town, Miller said he doesn’t think he will have a problem resuming business as usual once the collective bargaining issue is settled.

“We have respect for each other’s integrity,” Miller said. “We are both committed to keeping the operations of the institutions intact. And I think when this is resolved, we will be able to restore that.”


  1. How can you respect someone who fails to do their duty, and runs away from their responsibilities when the going gets difficult? In the military they all that cowardice. It really takes a tortured line of thinking to think that what the Democrats are doing is a good thing, and that the eventual outcome will be positive. The longer this goes, the worse this will become, because each sides position will become harder and harder. You will never get independent thinkers to side with you if you fail to communicate with them .

  2. when you say furloughed do you mean like when im on furlough and i draw no pay? or is this more like a paid furlough just like the crybaby teachers get all summer, easter and cristmas break oops i mean spring and winter break?

  3. welll dave apparently you dont get it that they left so they could save the status quo for you the taxpayer. so a vote couldnt proceed to take away your bargaining rights and replace it with the right to work your butt off for cheap wages

    elliemae apparently doesnt know that teachers jobs dont stop when the kids go home theres papers to grade playground duty a multitude of things that they do
    and since you seem to have such a limited intellect teachers have to work in the summer at some other job or have a smaller paycheck all year long
    plus paying back tuition for classes they have to take to keep their teaching job none of that is paid for by anyone else but them
    i cant believe how dense you two are and hostile towards teachers
    and leglislators.
    i needed a laugh and reading your posts sure gave it to me. ive never seen two people who are further off base on an issue in my life
    as the last hurrah

    you ll all end up paying higher taxes im sure

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