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Madison protesters exit to low road

One of the most striking things about the Madison protests to me has been the sustained peaceful – even jovial – nature of them.

I fear that tone is changing.

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a city so collectively angry as Madison has been during the last 48 hours or so, especially since Gov. Scott Walker introduced his budget on Tuesday. As I mentioned in my last post, there’s good reason for anger in many cases.

But there’s never a good reason to follow around a Republican lawmaker, berating and intimidating him, as protesters did Tuesday to Sen. Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend. Believe it or not, Grothman – like the protesters – believes he’s doing a public service for the state. He doesn’t deserve to be chased around the Capitol, just as protesters don’t feel they deserve to be locked out of the Capitol.

While perhaps most of the protesters would not engage in the behavior shown in the video above, a few more instances of taking the low road could quickly turn most public favor away from the folks standing in opposition to the elimination of collective bargaining rights.


  1. Tammy Hofmeister

    Please don’t do this!!! I am as mad as anyone but please people don’t go this route!!!!!

  2. This is a ridiculous post. The media has been praying for Madison protests to get out of hand and all they have gotten is a huge, peaceful demonstration that has stretched on for two weeks. If Madison is angry, do you blame them? Leave the city, the whole state is angry. Duped by the would be boy king who is cutting everything that makes Wisconsin a good place to live. Long live the new Wisconsin, the Mississippi of the North!

  3. Steven Matherly

    So, the protesters get locked out of their own publicly owned building, even though a judge issued an order to let them back in, and you say they don’t have a right to show a little anger? So, they are supposed to just bend over and take it? I don’t think so.

    Walker and his cronies should be held to the law just like anyone else! Not following a judges order has to be a crime that has some penalties attached to it, right? Why aren’t they being charged with disorderly conduct like that guy who unplugged the Faux News truck?

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