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Metrodome roof replacement gets under way

Holes in the collapsed Metrodome roof can be seen in Minneapolis on Dec. 12. The inflatable roof collapsed after a snowstorm dumped 17 inches on Minneapolis. Construction of the new roof started Friday. (AP File Photo/Ann Heisenfelt)

Minneapolis (AP) — The real work of replacing the Metrodome’s damaged roof has begun.

The first three diamond-shaped panels are being stretched and clamped into place, a process that takes about a day for each panel.

The inside of the Dome resembled a construction zone Friday, with beeping machinery and lifts to handle the work. Melted snow from the most recent snowfall dripped through three sections that had been removed to prepare for the new panels.

It was a December snowstorm that caused the Dome roof to fail. Insurance is covering most of the replacement cost, and the work will continue six days a week in an effort to finish by Aug. 1, ahead of the Vikings’ season.

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