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Hoan Bridge, I-794 construction to start in 2013

The Hoan Bridge in Milwaukee will undergo major renovations starting in 2013. (File photo)

MILWAUKEE (AP) — The state will make major improvements to the Hoan Bridge and Interstate 794 in Milwaukee.

Gov. Scott Walker said Saturday that cost estimates for the three-year project are less than $300 million. Construction will likely start at the end of 2013.


Initial findings of an in-depth inspection indicate the structural integrity is safe but State Department of Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb said a long-term solution is needed. A full report will be released in June.

Walker said I-794 and the bridge are key transportation links to Milwaukee and several surrounding suburbs.

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  1. To whom it may concern; The reconstruction of the Hoan Bridge provides an excellent oppurtunity for alternative ways to get in and out of downtown Milwaukee on a bicycle or on foot. The six lane Interstate spur will never meet it’s capacity as it narrows into four lanes passing through Bay View, St. Francis and Cudahy. The widening of that stretch of roadway is unrealistic since it cost $360 million dollars to install ( that equates to approximately $100 million dollars per mile). It would make most sense functionally and economically to provide, on the east side of the bridge, two-way passage in the current emergency lane with an addittional width coming from the eastern most lane. It would make sense to provide “bump-outs” or rest areas along the route. This concept, I believe would provide the most comfortability to the user. Incidentally, the State of Florida provides a nice example of this with the new Florida State Highway 60 Bridge going into Clearwater Beach. With the cost of the bike lane(s) being around 3.5 million dollars, I feel it is a miniscule amount of money compared to the hundreds of millions of dollars currently invested and amounts projected into the costs of rebuilding and maintaining this structure. When the Hoan Bridge is fully open there is little traffic disruption in the northbound morning commute. Who knows, maybe commuter bicycling may offset the AM “traffic jam” or if worse came to worse motorists may have to tap the brake pedal twice instead of once. Now is the time Wisconsin to provide alternative transportation to an area that justifies it. Let’s not miss another oppurtunity!

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