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Wis. Dems plan to submit 2nd GOP recall petition

Madison (AP) — A Republican state senator will challenge signatures collected in an attempt to recall him.

Sen. Randy Hopper’s campaign manager, Jeff Harvey, says they believe organizers used “false pretenses” to gather some signatures.

Harvey alleges some people solicited for signatures were told that the Fond du Lac Republican was one of the 14 Democratic senators to flee the state to avoid voting on a budget bill that included a divisive provision curtailing collective bargaining for most state employees. Harvey also says they believe many of the signatures were from people outside Hopper’s district.

Recall organizer Scott Dillman calls the claim “delusional.” Democratic party leaders planned to turn in the signatures Thursday. Democrats have already filed papers to recall GOP Senator Dan Kapanke of La Crosse.

Six other Republicans and eight Democrats are targeted for recalls.

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  1. This is the stupidest thing in the world. The Republicans did NOTHING wrong. Recalls need to be reserved for aggregious offenses.

    The Unions…I mean Democrats… no, Unions…are grasping at straws.

  2. Let’s see, you disagree with the political flavor of the recall so you think it’s stupid, nothing new there Fletch, but I must say your willingness to be so cavalier with changing the recall process lacks some critical thinking on the importance of checks and balances in our Democracy. Though I find your political and ideological views distasteful to say the least, I would want you to have the same opportunity to foster peaceful change in Government as I have —- That’s what Democracy looks like

  3. Joe, the idea behind democracy is that there is debate and then the issues are voted upon. The side of the issue with the most votes wins. Democracy is not about a game of hide and seek where one side sees the writing on the wall and decides to avoid the democratic process.

    Yes, the law did not prohibit the democrats from leaving the state. That did not make it right.

    Yes, the law allows for recalls and does not say that you cannot recall someone for “doing one’s job”.

    While Republicans will take the recalls seriously, they are not in much danger. Look at how the Senator’s districts generally voted for Prosser. Do you really think they will get more “Democratic” for a recall? Dem’s might succeed in one spot, but could very well loose one or two of their own.

    It’s like there’s a minute left in the fourth quarter, you are down 42-7 and keep taking time outs. It will not change the outcome, but it certainly is your right to do so since the rules do not prevent it. Enjoy.

  4. Irwin,
    What you are not mentioning is that the Republicans attempted to push the vote on the Budget Repair through without meaningful or any public hearings and without proper debate within the leglislature. So where is the democracy in that? Becasue they knew they had the votes the Rebublicans decided they could just ram it through. That is not how a democracy works. The Democrats did the only thing they had at their disposal to slow down the process and allow people to have an opportunity to actually review and learn about what was in the Budget Repair bill – including those items that did not belong because they were not budget items. Eventually, the Republicans did pull out those items and then did another very un-democracy-like action by holding a vote with no public hearings and only minimal notice to the Democrat members and a quick vote that did not allow all present to even lodge their votes. So don’t go saying the Democrats were doing anything wrong when the Republicans’ actions were so blatantly anti-democratic. That is where the Shame comes in.

  5. I disagree Sudsy. There was nearly a week discussion and debate (Friday- Thursday if I recall correctly).

    The Democrats had been known to push things through with a day for discussion/debate, not to mention Diamond Jim’s infamous Saturday approval of the high-speed choo choo.

    For Democrats to whine about only having 6 days is rather disingenuous.

    Funny how every “technically” legal tactic (leaving the state to avoid voting & unwarranted recalls) taken by the Democrats is spun as fine, just doing what is necessary, while “technically” legal tactics taken by the Republicans are bemoaned as anti-democratic. (When I say “Funny”, I really mean “pathetically hypocritical”.)

  6. Irwin, As you say, it goes both ways. For such an important bill (and so long a bill full of so much stuff) to attempt to be pushed through in less than a week is unconscionable… I have been involved in several bills and they often take weeks in committee before public hearings and then they may go to the floor or die. This was pushed through with none of that and it was chock full of all kinds of surprises. It was clear that a small group was very well aware of what was in the bill and tried to push it through before others got wind of its full contents. That is not democracy. Sorry.

    Bottom line is what you believe is best for this state and for the people of this state. On those issues, I doubt we’d have much in common.

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