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Poll finds even split on Walker recall question

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A new poll suggests Wisconsinites would be about evenly split on the question of recalling Gov. Scott Walker.

The idea of recalling the Republican governor arose during protests over his efforts to remove collective-bargaining rights from most public employees. The question is moot for now, since lawmakers must be in office for one year before they can be recalled. Walker was inaugurated in January.

Still, if there were a recall election, Thursday’s poll suggests a tight outcome. It says 48 percent would vote to keep Walker in office, while 47 percent would vote to remove him.

The poll was commissioned by Wisconsin Public Radio and performed by St. Norbert College. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points and was conducted from April 5 through Monday.

Information from: Wisconsin Public Radio, http://www.wpr.org

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  1. I think a recall will be a mute point, as Walkers henchman boasted on FOX, taking away collective bargaining rights and busting the union in Badger land is all about denying Obama Wisconsin in 2012. So if Walker delivers the goods to his Washington far right bosses and Wisconsin falls to the Republicans you can bet your bottom that Walker will be rewarded handsomely and will never finish out his term. if he fails, Scotty will see the handwriting on the wall and will pull a Sara Palin, joining Fox and Friends for a few million and write a book on how he was put under by the big bad unions and there thugs —- plus Fritz is waiting in the wings and I really think he would throw anybody under the bus to get his chance to be the Gov

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