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Letter to the editor: Budget focus needed

To the editor:

It is now time for my fellow Wisconsinites to give our newly elected governor, Scott Walker, a chance as he and his team exert themselves to solve the budget deficit our state is struggling with.

As a fully responsible and intelligent voting body of the state of Wisconsin, we elected Walker with all the fanfare for change. Therefore, it should be rational to now bear his agenda or vote against conflicting interests in an honorable and Democratic way.

Our governor did promise that the state of Wisconsin is open for business, which will broaden doors of opportunities such as Illinois businesses crossing the border to trade in Wisconsin. Alas, we have seen the reverse with 14 of our paid, elected decision makers crossing the border to Illinois, leaving our great state in discord and disorder.

The citizens are now forewarned that a significant segment of the laws needs to be amended, starting with recalls. Is it time to change that law instituted by the citizens of Wisconsin that bans the governor from being able to be recalled before 365 days from his swearing in? With the large state budget deficit looming, the state truly needs some magic, and some drastic changes have to be made to rebuild our state budget and boom the economy.

Dester Martin
founding officer,
African American Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin

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