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Poll finds strong support for wind energy in Wis.

Wind turbines stand on the Butler Ridge Wind Energy Project in Dodge County recently. A new poll finds that 77 percent of Wisconsonites want to see the state invest more in wind energy. (File photo by Joe Yovino)

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A poll of Wisconsin residents finds strong support for increasing the use of wind energy, even if doing so would raise electricity bills several dollars per month.

The Wisconsin Public Radio poll was released Friday. It shows that 77 percent of respondents want to see the state invest more in wind energy. Reasons included decreasing the nation’s reliance on foreign oil and helping the environment.

A majority, 69 percent, wouldn’t mind eight to 10 wind-energy machines being placed closed to where they live, and 79 percent favor placing the machines offshore in Lake Michigan.

The telephone poll of 400 respondents was commissioned by WPR and performed by St. Norbert College. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points and was conducted between April 5 and Monday.

Information from: Wisconsin Public Radio,

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  1. I bet none of those in favor of wind energy live in a wind factory. I do. Maybe if those supporting wind energy knew that wind energy is very inefficient and is supported by tax dollars and rate increaces they would think different. If they knew there were many negative health affects they would also have a different opinion. How would they like their homes devalued by 40% because almost no one wants to live next to a large industrial wind turbine? Do these same supporters who say they want to reduce our dependence on foreign oil know that only about 1% of our electricity comes from oil? The State of Wisconsin and federal government needs to end it’s subsidies for wind energy. Per kilowatt hour wind energy receives subsidies of over $23 while coal gets 44 cents, nuclear $1.59 and hydro 67 cents. If 77% of the WPR calls support wind let them have several large industrial wind turbines 1000 feet or 1250 feet from their home.
    They would no longer be so naive.

  2. Wind power means local jobs.

    Local jobs maintaining the turbines… jobs that can’t be outsourced.

    Local jobs erecting each turbine and installing energy infrastructure.

    Revenue from electricity going directly into the local economy, from either payments to near neighbors or from locals putting up their own small/medium turbines.

    There are no coal mines in WI… we’re supporting jobs elsewhere by bringing in coal. Plus we get all the mercury and other toxins for free, by the train load.

  3. WindInformedResident

    I heard a newscast on WPR about this poll. The guest explained that respondents were given several choices for why they favored wind energy. One choice was to decrease the US dependence on foreign oil. She said that 38% gave that as their reason, and found this to be problematic because essentially we DO NOT use oil for electricity production. She stated that this choice was included to test people’s perceptions. Obviously, a large number of those responding really don’t understand the issues. Clearly most of the respondents are unaware of all the health problems experienced by those living near wind turbines, not to mention the taking of property use rights and the large drop in property values. Otherwise 69% would not have stated that they would be OK with living near 8 or 10 industrial wind turbines, whose common size today is 40-50 stories high. This poll’s results are not so much a barometer of informed opinions about wind turbines as it is a barometer of the lack of information among the general public. This lack of knowledge is why those who have researched the facts are fighting an uphill battle in the media and legislature. However, once people get the fact, and if they are not receiving turbine money, the opinion of the vast majority is the opposite of that found in this poll.

  4. Wind power means a very tiny number of local jobs and drives large manufacturers, and many jobs, away because of the high cost of wind generated electricity.

    Local jobs erecting each turbine and installing energy infrastructure are very short-lived, yet lead to huge property value depreciation, divided communities, and health problems that last for decades and cause irreparable harm.

    Revenue from electricity goes directly into the local economy as payments to near neighbors. Meanwhile, their next-door neighbors suffer the health and property value losses. This is a case of “Your Gain at My Expense”, which is an unethical way to make money.

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