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Vikings should pay more for new stadium, Minn. governor says

Open sky is still visible Monday as work continues on the inside of the Metrodome in Minneapolis where new roof panels are being installed following the deflating of the dome during a December snow storm. Work is expected to be completed by August. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

St. Paul, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton said Monday the Minnesota Vikings should pay up to half the cost of a new stadium, more than what the team publicly has committed.

Speaking on Minnesota Public Radio, Dayton said the team should pay 40 percent or even half the cost. He said anything more than that could be unrealistic.

“They’ve got to be based on real-world assumptions,” Dayton said. “I could say 100 percent and politically posture that way, but if I know it’s totally unrealistic and I want to see the project succeed, I have to come back to a realm of reality.”

The Star Tribune reported that until now, Dayton never had said what he thought the Vikings’ share of a new stadium should be — only that the team should make a significant contribution.

Vikings officials said the team would pay a third of the cost of a roofless stadium, estimated at about $700 million. A bill introduced by Republican lawmakers this month calls for the team to pay a third of the cost of a new stadium.

Dayton and many legislators have said they opposed a stadium without a roof, which would add at least $200 million to construction costs.

MPR reported Dayton also said that he would like to add a car rental tax to the mix of stadium financing to help supplement potential sales and user taxes that lawmakers already proposed.

A study outlining the costs of a new stadium could come from the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission as early as this week.

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