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Walker outlaws local sick day ordinances (UPDATE)

Gov. Scott Walker on Thursday signed a bill banning a Milwaukee ordinance, approved by voters in 2008, that would have required employers provide an average of nine days of sick leave a year for workers.

The new state law prohibits municipalities from mandating local rules for businesses to follow regarding paid time off.

“Patchwork government mandates stifle job creation and economic opportunity,” according to a prepared statement attributed to Walker. “This law gives employers the flexibility they need to put people back to work.”

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett opposed the ordinance, saying it could drive jobs out of the city. The Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce has said it would drop its appeal of a March district court ruling in favor of the ordinance.

And 9to5, National Association of Working Women, Milwaukee, the workers’ rights organization defending the ordinance, said it already had turned its attention toward lobbying for a federal law that would establish similar rules.

About 70 percent of Milwaukee voters approved the ordinance, but MAC challenged it in court, arguing the ballot language failed to provide a full description of the law.

Milwaukee declined to defend the ordinance because of fears it would hurt businesses in the city.

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  1. Irwin Fletcher

    Why do so many people feel “entitled”. No work, no pay. Pretty simple.

  2. Irwin Fletcher

    9 to 5? That’s a telling name. Who the heck works from 9 to 5? I would be fired.

  3. Who the heck are you? You obviously don’t live from paycheck to paycheck as so many do – and even then are unable to make ends meet. Miss a day of work and that does it for the month. People who are sick and contagious should not go to work, especially at the types of service jobs we’re talking about that don’t give sick days — where sneezing and runny noses affect food handling or other close contact types of jobs like hair dressers, manicurists, doctor’s offices, etc. Give me a break. I bet you get sick days or are salaried and can take a day if you need it. People don’t feel ‘entitled’ they feel like their bosses are taking taking taking and don’t appreciate the hard work of their employees that make their fat and easy lives possible. They feel trampled on, which they are.

  4. Irwin Fletcher

    Whodaman you are exactly right. I do not live paycheck to paycheck. Why? Life choices my friend. I overcame a below poverty upbringing by getting an education. I don’t spend beyond my means, or live to the edge of them. I like to call it being responsible.

    People are not trampled on. Spare me. It is the rare (and doomed to failure) employer that does not value his/her employee and try to accommodate them.

    Employees will look at the sick days as just more vacation or flex time. It costs businesses far beyond the pay when you consider impacts to production and the time required to find last minute replacements.

    People that voted for it are short sighted. They are killing their means to make a living. Businesses will flee the city to escape the forced entitlement. The tax base will then be reduced and Milwaukee with further degenerate.

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