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Wis. panel moves to allow unemployment extension

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A state panel has recommended legislators tweak Wisconsin statutes to allow jobless people to collect an additional 13 weeks of federal unemployment benefits.

Extended federal unemployment benefits are designed to serve as a last-ditch safety net for an unemployed person who has exhausted all of his or her other state and federal benefits.

But the extended benefits ended in Wisconsin in April after the state’s unemployment rate improved enough to disqualify it for the extra money. The Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council voted 9-0 on Thursday to recommend lawmakers change the qualifying language in state law to secure another 13 weeks of extended benefits.

The changes would allow Wisconsin to collect about $90 million from the federal government, which would mean $363 per week for a jobless person.

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  1. But didn’t republicans including Rep.Vos claim that that was just helping l”Lazy” people whom wanted to avoid taking low paid work?

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