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Things you should know about Clark Solowicz

By: Caley Clinton//June 27, 2011//

Things you should know about Clark Solowicz

By: Caley Clinton//June 27, 2011//

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Clark Solowicz, a project manager at J.H. Findorff & Son Inc., sits at the company’s headquarters in Madison. (Staff photo by Kevin Harnack)

Clark Solowicz is a recent addition to J.H. Findorff & Son Inc., Madison.

The health care project manager has about 20 years of experience in design, construction and real estate. Solowicz has a degree in civil engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

1. He’s willing to go where the work is.

Clark Solowicz spent more than 13 years traveling around the country working on health care projects in his role as project executive at Marshall Erdmann & Associates, where he worked from 1994 to 2008. A married father of two daughters, Solowicz spent much of his time at MEA traveling Mondays through Thursdays, but still made it home to see his family on the weekends.

2. He knows when to put family first.

After the years spent traveling for his work at MEA, Solowicz said, he “woke up one day and realized I had a daughter in middle school, and wanted to be around more.”

Solowicz’s eldest daughter, Claire, 17, is an avid volleyball player and once he moved from MEA to Miron Construction Co. Inc., Neenah, where he spent two years as a health care project executive, he was able to attend her games much more often, he said.

“I got to see her play all through high school,” he said. “I probably only missed one or two games.”

3. He likes to be involved in the community.

Solowicz has served as District 1 alderman for the city of Verona for the past two years. He initially became involved with city work as a member of Verona’s plan commission, he said, which whet his “appetite for more involvement.”

There can be conflicts of interests given his work in the construction and development fields, he said, but if it’s ever a question of that, he said, he abstains from the issue at hand.

4. Building is in his blood.

Solowicz said he is happy in his new role as a health care project manager at J.H. Findorff & Son Inc. because it has allowed him to get back into working directly on projects, he said. Before joining Findorff in April, Solowicz spent about a year working as director of real estate and strategic development at Dean Health Systems Inc.

“I’m back to the passion that I really enjoy, which is building things,” he said. “When I look back, I always seem to gravitate toward being a project manager, building things and working with a team to pull a project off.”

The desire to be part of a project team stems from his father’s more than 40 years of work in the building division at Ma Bell in Milwaukee, he said.

“I have a family history of building,” Solowicz said. “I can’t help it.”

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