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Walker urges Congress to act on Stillwater bridge

A rendering shows one of the proposals for the Stillwater Lift Bridge connecting Minnesota and Wisconsin. Gov. Scott Walker sent two letters to Congress on Thursday urging them to act on construction of the bridge. (Rendering courtesy of the Minnesota Department of Transportation)

STILLWATER, Minn. (AP) – A committee of Stillwater residents, business owners and environmentalists has proposed a more conservative plan for replacing an aging lift bridge across the St. Croix River connecting Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The group called Sensible Stillwater Bridge Partnership is proposing a three-lane, 40 mph bridge at a cost of about $260 million. Transportation officials favor a four-lane, 65 mph bridge with a price tag of more than $630 million.

On Thursday, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker sent two letters to Congress regarding the bridge. In his letters, Walker notes the bipartisan support for the bridge in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

“There is evident bipartisan support to make this project a reality,” Walker said in a news release. “I strongly urge you to advance this legislation and help our state progress toward the construction of the St. Croix River Crossing project.


Stillwater resident and urban planner Roger Tomten said the smaller bridge would accommodate rush hour traffic with a center lane that would alternate with the time of day. Motorists heading into Minnesota would have two lanes in the morning. In the afternoon, two lanes would be outgoing.

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