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House puts Wis. concrete mogul on map

Steven Huff, chairman of Green Bay-based TF Concrete Forming Systems, is building a large residence called Pensmore in Highlandville, Mo. The 72,000-square-foot private home will be one of the largest in the United States when it's completed. (AP Photo by Bob Linder/The News-Leader)

Highlandville, Mo. (AP) — A 72,000-square-foot private home being built in southwest Missouri will be one of the largest in the United States when it’s completed.

The Springfield News-Leader reported that the home was being built by Steven Huff, who has family ties in Missouri and is chairman of Green Bay-based TF Concrete Forming Systems.

Not surprisingly it will be built out of the insulated concrete, manufactured and distributed by Huff’s company.

Michigan-based Helix also is partnering in the project, providing the steel reinforcement product that will be used.

Luke Pinkerton, founder of Helix, said the idea was to create a home that used very low energy, as well as having strong resistance to tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, fire, flood and insect damage.

“What we’re able to do is develop a home that has very, very good insulating properties for heating and cooling,” he said. “It’s very robust and strong.”

Called Pensmore, the home includes two elevators, 13 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a billiard room, a home theater, a music room and a 1,600-square-foot library. Blueprints submitted in 2007 show the main level and second story span 44,641 square feet. There are another 23,020 square feet in the basement, and the garage is 4,000 square feet.

A building permit shows the cost of materials to be about $6.89 million.

Pensmore, which sits on 500 acres, has been in some stage of construction since 2007, said Todd Wiesehan, planning and zoning administrator for Christian County. He estimates it’s another year or two away from completion.

“It’s got to the point,” he said, “where it’s capturing national attention.”

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  1. And the purpose of builiding this monstrosity is…… what? I’d love to know how many people will be living in it.

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  3. Kathy,

    Why did King Ludwig of Bavaria build Neuschwanstein? Why did William the Conqueror build Warwick Castle in England? Why did the Vanderbilts build the Biltmore mansion in North Carolina? The list could go on and on.

  4. I live here near the site I would have to think it is a secret government project .It was never mentioned it is built over numerous large caverns underground below the main house.

  5. Don’t for a second believe its designed for general residential use. Our fine outstanding Government at its best. Not a residential home, its a stronghold.

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