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DOA deputy Archer takes leave (UPDATE)

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A top official in Gov. Scott Walker’s administration confirmed this week that she has taken a leave of absence, becoming the second longtime Walker aide to step away from a powerful state position in recent weeks.

Cindy Archer, 52, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in an email Thursday she left her position as the deputy secretary for the Department of Administration. She had held the job, which paid $124,000 per year, for eight months.

“I intend to return to state government in a different capacity after my leave,” she said in the email.

She didn’t say what job she hoped to get or when she planned to return.

Archer was one of two top aides to Walker when the Republican was Milwaukee County executive. She and Tom Nardelli were hired to high-level state jobs after Walker became governor in January.

Nardelli had been Walker’s chief of staff at the county for three years.

Archer’s departure came after Nardelli stepped down July 21 as administrator for the state Division of Environmental and Regulatory Services. He had held the position for three days.

He has said he had second thoughts about taking the new job because he’d been considering resigning at the end of September.

As county executive, Walker hired Archer in 2007 as budget director. He soon promoted her to the county’s top staff job, heading up the county’s Division of Administrative Services. In that role she was in charge of the county budget, procurement, information technology and other matters.

Information from: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,

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