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Group asks EPA to make power plant changes in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (AP) – Environmentalists want a federal agency to mandate changes at the We Energies Valley Power Plant in Milwaukee.

Cheryl Nenn of Milwaukee Riverkeeper said her group is concerned about river water used to cool plant equipment. She said the system that sucks in water kills fish and their eggs.

Her group wants the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to force power plants to modify their systems to protect fish.

The Wisconsin utility disagrees. Spokesman Barry McNulty said the utility is looking at ways to protect fish, but he said the EPA shouldn’t mandate anything.

He said We Energies should be able to choose the best-available technologies rather than be handcuffed by the government.

A WISN-TV report says the EPA will release its new rules about power-plant cooling systems next summer.

Information from: WISN-TV,

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