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WisDOT to pay Brat Stop $1.3M over road plan

Kenosha (AP) — A Kenosha restaurant has been awarded a $1.3 million judgment from the state after arguing that a highway-reconstruction plan would lower the value of the business.

The owner of Brat Stop Inc. said the state’s plan would close the two driveways that lead directly onto Highway 50.

Restaurant owner Jerry Rasmussen said the new access plan would direct customers to enter the site “at its most unattractive part,” near the loading docks and Dumpsters.

A Kenosha News report says Rasmussen sued the Wisconsin Department of Transportation in 2009.

WisDOT wanted to reconstruct the intersection of Highway 50 and Interstate 94. The idea was to limit the number of access points onto busy Highway 50 to ease congestion and improve safety.

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