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GOP says transportation bills will help economy

MADISON, Wis. (AP) – Republican lawmakers say bills that make it easier to transport agricultural products in Wisconsin and ease other permitting requirements will help improve the economy in the state.

Rep. Jerry Petrowski of Marathon said farmers will benefit from one proposal that will allow trucks transporting agricultural products to be 15 percent heavier in December than is allowed now. He said that will cut down on fuel costs and the number of trucks on the road, allowing farmers to get their goods to market faster and cheaper.

Another bill will allow semis to carry higher loads of straw and hay and another allows for longer semis to be on the road.

Rep. Robin Vos, co-chair of the Legislature’s budget committee, said the bills will help create a better economic climate.

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  1. “A better economic climate” for the powerful and cash-rich roadbuilder cartels, certainly, which pour big campaign dollars into GOP candidates’ coffers who, if elected, are expected to support more and bigger road projects. Heavier loads mean shortened road life, meaning more work for the roadbuilders. And the beat goes on …

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