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Meeting time: Get the latest prebid information on dailyreporter.com

Ann Knoedler

In a perfect world, mandatory prebid meetings would be announced well in advance for prospective bidders’ consideration.

Not to sound simplistic, but for those who don’t bid on construction projects, a prebid meeting is just what it sounds like: a meeting held during the bid process but before the bid due date.

Depending on project bidding requirements, attendance at these meetings is either optional, strongly recommended but not mandatory, or mandatory. If a bidder misses a mandatory prebid meeting, their bid will not be considered. So, it is important for contractors to have enough advance notification of the meeting to make arrangements to attend.

When our JobTrac reporters come across a bid advertisement with enough advance notice for contractors to submit a bid, but only hours or a few days to attend a mandatory prebid meeting, they immediately post a JobTrac Alert on The Daily Reporter website.

It looks similar to this: JobTrac Alert: Mandatory site visit for campground electrical upgrade.

To keep up with these late-breaking mandatory prebid meeting announcements, visit dailyreporter.com throughout the day for JobTrac Alerts.

Ann Knoedler is the lead data reporter at The Daily Reporter. For any JobTrac-related questions, call her at 414-225-1822 or email her.

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