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Appleton native creates ‘blue fist’ logo

Michael Deahn (center) carries a sign containing the "blue fist" logo during a rally Feb. 26 in Washington, D.C. The logo was created by Appleton native Carrie Worthen, a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee graduate. (AP Photo by Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Associated Press

APPLETON — An Appleton native is the creator of the iconic “blue fist” graphic in the shape of Wisconsin used in spring protests at the state Capitol.

Graphic artist Carrie Worthen graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She now lives and works in Los Angeles, but she kept in touch with members of the AFL-CIO and, in February, the union asked her to take the germ of the fist idea and make it stand out.

“To me it needed to be bold and clear and loud and simple,” Worthen said.

Worthen said it had been overwhelming to see thousands of people use her design to protest the policies of Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans in the Legislature.

She said the fist long had been used by labor and civil rights activists. She expects it to be used in the effort to recall Walker, and said similar designs were being adopted by the Occupy Wall Street movement.

“The slogan that we used, ‘Stand With Wisconsin,’ it was this sort of call to the nation to stand up along with Wisconsin,” Worthen said. “I think it’s great that everybody finally is with this Occupy stuff and you’re seeing fists everywhere.”

Worthen said she was not paid for her work on the blue fist design.

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  1. She may have tweaked it slightly to look more like Wisconsin, but it’s simply the iconic raised fist of Socialism that has been used worldwide for decades.

  2. Yes, and as the article states it was specifically requested by the AFL-CIO. What a nice little “grassroots” effort this is. What hypocrisy…the unions are nothing more than a huge business themselves, using union members and willing participants as pawns in their game for control and power. They are ******** this company up as much as the banking industry.

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