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Manitowoc Cranes hires strikers’ replacements

Machinists (Local 516) walk a picket line Nov. 29 outside Manitowoc Cranes' South 30th Street manufacturing plant in Manitowoc. The company has notified its striking machinists that it's hiring replacement workers. (AP Photo/Herald Times Reporter, Sue Pischke)

MANITOWOC, Wis. (AP) — Manitowoc Cranes has notified its striking machinists that it’s hiring replacement workers to meet customer demand.

Company executives won’t say how many replacement employees are being hired. The International Association of Machinists local has been on strike for three weeks. Union spokesman Ben Elizondo said the labor dispute could be settled if the company would take out “union busting language” from its contract offer.

The company’s offer includes an 8 percent raise over four years. It would also give employees the opportunity to “opt out” of union membership.

The Manitowoc Herald says no new negotiations have been scheduled.

Information from: Herald Times Reporter,

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  1. Keep holding those signs guys and putting up your protest while other hard-working people take your job away from you! When will you start thinking for yourself instead of listening to what the Union bosses tell you to do? When you have no work, no food, no house to live in? Meanwhile the Union bosses are collecting big salaries and benefits, courtesy of your dues, while selling many people on the advantages of a “Socialist” system. I can;t believe anyone with a mind could believe this is the answer.

  2. Way to go Manitowoc Crane. You have been bullied by the union long enough. Let them stike until all of them can look else where for work.

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