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It’s about time: Oconomowoc clock to turn again

Oconomowoc's clock tower has been stuck at 2:35 for a year, but that's about the change. (Photo by Jimmy Wayne/Flickr)

By Keith Barber

The clock tower in Oconomowoc is finally scheduled for repairs.

Time has stood still in many ways in the little city west of Milwaukee, including the four-sided clock tower at City Hall.

All four hands at the landmark clock tower stopped working in December 2010. Stuck at 2:35, the clock hands will soon be turning again now that the city has approved an $11,745 repair contract with The Verdin Co. of Cincinnati.

The company is highly certified in repair work. In business since 1842, it specializes in clock repair, is a supplier of bronze bells, church bells and street clocks, and specializes in bell tower work.

Things are about to change in a city where the clock is right twice a day. The repairs will take about two months.

Keith Barber is a data reporter at The Daily Reporter. The clock on his desk always reads “quittin’ time.”

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