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Potawatomi tribe proposes biogas energy project

MILWAUKEE (AP) — The Forest County Potawatomi tribe wants to build an $18 million renewable energy plant near its Milwaukee casino.

In its proposal filed with the city, the Potawatomi say the biogas digester would produce energy by using waste from the food processing industry. The plant would generate 2 megawatts of electricity which would be sold to We Energies. That’s enough to power about 1,500 homes. It would also produce the electricity and heat for the Potawatomi casino.

Tribal attorney Jeff Crawford tells the Journal Sentinel that area businesses are paying to have waste hauled away. The biogas project would turn that waste into green energy. The tribe plans to install silencers on the equipment to alleviate any noise concerns.

Information from: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,

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  1. Concerned Architect

    Local on-site or vest pocket privately owned renewable utilities is exactly what a green city needs to grow its economy symbiotic with ecology. Municipal zoning regulations or variances should be made favorable in this direction. Now, all we need is to crack the shell of Wisconsin’s Public Service Commission on favorable rates, closer to retail than wholesale, that favor the small rather than large monopolizing utility. More favorable pay-back rates from home-grown alternative energy produced from biofuels, voltaics, and wind, pumped back into the grid, makes alternative energy practical pn the investment balance sheet for small business growth, as well as for entrepreneurs that want green growth. It’s a real winner of an idea in this Great Recession for new jobs and economic opportunity made open by encouraging governments that realize such practicalities.

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