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A little street music: Waukesha to turn into GuitarTown

By Keith Barber

A little street music is on its way to Main Street in Waukesha.

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The Gibson Guitar Corp. of Nashville, with the cooperation of city officials, has announced that the city has been selected for the next Gibson GuitarTown exhibit. The traveling exhibit is displayed each year in a selected city, and this year what better place than Les Paul’s Waukesha?

The exhibit consists of 10 10-foot-tall fiberglass Gibson Les Paul-model guitars that will be placed in front of city businesses and landmarks around Main Street in downtown.

The guitars are designed and painted by local and nationally acclaimed artists, and will represent a musician or artist unique to the region’s history.

It can be considered a public art project, but will not utilize public money. All money for this project is coming from private individuals and businesses.

The GuitarTown project will unite the Waukesha arts community and businesses to raise money for local charities. The launch event will occur on June 1.

The guitar program was started in 2004 in Nashville, and so far has included the cities of Austin, London, Orlando, Miami, Cleveland and Los Angeles.

The program can be seen at

Rock-on Waukesha!

Keith Barber is a data reporter at The Daily Reporter. He’s a bit of a city landmark around Waukesha.

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