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Wis. in running for iron ore processing plant

DULUTH, Minn. (AP) – Iron Range officials are upset with threats by Magnetation Inc. to build a $300 million iron ore processing plant in another state to get around Minnesota’s tough mercury pollution rules.

The Duluth News Tribune reports Magnetation is considering sites in Superior, Wis., Indiana and Illinois as an alternative to Minnesota’s Itasca County for a plant that will employ about 150 people.

Rep. Tom Rukavina and St. Louis County Commissioner Keith Nelson are criticizing the company because Minnesota gave Magnetation state grants and loans to help it get started.

Magnetation CEO Larry Lehtinen said the company needs a pellet plant operating somewhere by early 2015, and that will require permits in hand this fall. He said Wisconsin, Indiana and Illinois can meet that timeline, but Minnesota regulators haven’t made that promise.

Information from: Duluth News Tribune, http://www.duluthsuperior.com

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  1. Minnesota is still a backward, liberal, socialist, business hating state. They will lose good jobs in the Duluth area because of this. No one every used the word intelligent and democrat in the same sentence. Finally in Wisconsin, we have a smart, honest Governor and legislature. When we have a conservative Gov and legislature, things go well. When we have split Government, it only gets worse when you have crooks like Doyle and the dumbos that voted for him. (Zombies)

  2. And that’s why Minnesota’s Per Capita Personal Income is about $4500 dollars more than good old conservative Wisconsin —- go back to drinking your TEA

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